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Functional Exercise Prescription for posture and performance

Our osteopaths are trained to be able to create tailored exercise rehabilitation plans to improve strength, mobility, and reduce pain, and to help you reach your goals such as correcting posture, and improving performance and function in conjunction with manual therapy treatment. Strength and conditioning exercises help you reach your full potential at perform at your best, and also protect your body’s tissues from strain to reduce your chances of pain and injury. Our programs are designed to achieve the best possible results for anyone, whether it be the elderly or the elite athlete.

We believe that being involved in your own recovery, and taking care of your body long term, is just as important as us treating your injuries!


Postural pains and strains are very common, especially in those with very physical jobs, or who spend long days in front of a computer. Working towards optimal posture is so important to reduce aches and pains and improve functioning.


Pain related to posture is very common, and experienced by many people who spend their working day seated in front of a computer. At Ashburton Osteopathy, we believe posture plays a key role in reducing pain and those ongoing ‘niggles’.

Our osteopaths can thoroughly assess your posture at work and home, and provide you with expert advice and individualised exercise plans to help restore strength and movement, and identify which muscles are not activating as they should, to ensure your plan is tailored to your specific needs.


We also can provide a thorough postural examination and advice, both for your day to day posture and at your work station, whether seated, standing, or mobile. In addition, we are trained in correct manual handling techniques for people using their body at work all day, and correct techniques for powerlifters, gym-goers, and athletes.

This will help you better understand the best way for you sit, move, and work to keep your body as well aligned as possible, and prevent pain from your day to day life, and will allow us to truly understand your day-to day activities so we can create the most effective personalised exercise program for you. 

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