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Dr Nicholas Papamiltiades

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B. Sc (Osteopathy)., M.H Sc (Osteopathy)

Dr. Nicholas Papamiltiades enjoys using a variety of Osteopathic treatment techniques such as soft tissue massage, manipulation and joint articulation as well as exercise rehabilitation and education for his patients. He has a breadth of experience treating a range of complaints, from people of all different ages and activity levels. 


Nick enjoys treating neck and lower back pain, as well as acute muscular and joint pain. He believes everyone should be able to do their daily activities without pain and utilises every available approach to ensure his patients receive the highest care!

Nick has many years of experience working Avondale FC in the NPL, along with other elite athletes across the AFL, NBL and NRL.


Nick graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy) and a Master of Health Science (Osteopathy). He has also completed further training in Myofascial Dry Needling and Cupping.

Dr Rowina Mellen

Rowina graduated from RMIT University with a 5-year double degree in Health Science/Applied Science (Osteopathy) and is also experienced in exercise and fitness, with additional qualifications in Pilates Matwork instructing and a Certificate 3 in Fitness.

Rowina has also completed additional studies in Dry Needling and Myofascial Cupping, and is able to provide these treatments as an option for her patients. 

Rowina is at her happiest working with and helping people, and is passionate about making a positive difference to the lives of others, focusing on holistic, patient centred care and education.

During her studies, Rowina volunteered her time in the remote Marshall Islands in North Pacific, working to treat vulnerable members of the community with physical rehabilitation and educating locals about exercise and healthy eating. Rowina has also spent time working as an integration aide for students with physical and learning disabilities. Through these experiences, she has developed the ability to connect with a wide range of people across many cultures and demographics, and an understanding of the importance of empathy and respect to build authentic relationships.

Drawing on her experience and the latest evidence and research, Rowina strives to use a wide range of techniques tailored to patients’ individual needs for the most effective treatment and results. She strives to offer patients the care, laughter and brightness that she brings to her everyday life. Outside of work, she enjoys lots of sport and physical activity, particularly running, having a kick of footy, horse-riding, and working out in the gym.

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B.H.Sc., B.App. Sc. (Osteopathy)

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